#metoo. There, I said it on social media. Nothing about my life changed, it still sucks by the way. I don’t know why, but I thought things will change for me. People will give me a bit more respect, my voice will be heard, the men who did this to us will be punished, and guys on the street won’t look at me the way they do. Guess what? Not a damn thing changed in my life. People still think I’m stupid because I’m a woman, nobody considers my opinion, those guys who did this to us still live their life like it was all nothing, and the guys on street still look at me the way they always had.
   The only thing that’s going to change in my life is- people will comment on my post that how brave I am for sharing this, they will sympathize with me and after a day or two they’ll forget about it. But I won’t. This forever is going to be a part of me, that’s how every girl in this world comes of age.
   I wrote a whole blog post about my experience like every other woman has been on social media and I deleted it. I, truly, understand how hard it is to open up about our worst experiences of our lives on social media, but, on the other hand, what we are doing here is making sexual assault such a norm that people, everywhere, have started taking it very lightly. And I believe, that’s the worst part of it all.
   So, ladies and men, just don’t say #metoo. Probably, the next time you see a fellow human being, assaulted or in pain, listen, try to help, and do not blame them. And I think that’s what the campaign should be about- #metoo helped a person who was assaulted. Maybe this campaign will make a difference it is intended to.

7 thoughts on “#metoo

  1. I do feel that you having this blog has breathed fresh life into you… to be able to say the things you want to… without the world judging you, can only be done on a platform like this. I’ve read quite a few posts, and that is my opinion. That said, it takes courage to come out and say things, not many do not… even till this day.
    Hats off to you girl!

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  2. Nothing changes yes it’s true, but when you open up. It gives other ppl around to open up too. Don’t be afraid to share you opinions, they are completely owned by you. God bless 😊


  3. Quite empowering I find it though, however if you have an opinion then why are you considering other’s opinions along the way and somewhere deep in the heart you feeling you are against them and accepting yourself wrong. That would make you weak. Keep up the good work and rise. 😊

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