Slice of Life | Love as I know it

He kept rejecting me,
He kept abandoning me,
He kept belittling me like I was nothing,
He kept being inconsiderate to my feelings,
He kept putting everything else first,
He kept thinking about himself, making everything about himself.

And I kept loving him,
I kept protecting him,
I kept being there by his side no matter what,
I kept it all inside, patiently,
I kept my fears away from him,
I kept enduring every pain and I kept calling it love.



5 thoughts on “Slice of Life | Love as I know it

  1. Very nicely written. But alas there is nothing like true love in the real world. I am sure you would have found that out the hard way.
    Humans and all other animals have only one primary objective on this planet other than providing drama for the celestial audience. That primary objective is to propagate.
    So everything revolves around that. The peacocks dance to the pigeon’s twirling around to show off to their prospective mates…
    Lust is much more real and believable than love. Fact and fiction.


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