Book Review | The Picture of Dorian Gray

Why you should read The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde at least once:

  1. Oscar Wilde was an advocate of Aestheticism (a movement that argued that art should exist for the sake of art only). There’s a heavy undertone of aesthetics and art throughout this novel.
  2. To know what life was like for British aristocrats in the 19th century. (It was splendid)
  3. Long monologues between characters filled with amazing perspective and wit, which still stands true in today’s society.
  4. To realise how a persons influence at a young age can change one completely. And yet it’s our choices that make us who we really are.
  5. And, of course, the most important one, you can have it all- worldly beauty, a lifetime of youth, never-ending wealth and immense power, but they are never enough. You cannot escape your conscience.

In the end, if you could watch your soul deteriorating from better to worse with every choice you make, would you still keep making those choices?

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